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What we do

Using data to drive intelligent decisions.

Geospatial insight

We combine cutting-edge GIS data and techniques with real-world know how, to solve real-world problems.

Data science

Custom solutions to difficult answers, using advanced data analytics techniques.

Web visualisation

Transform complex results into meaningful answers, using online and offline mapping and visualization.

Stakeholder engagement

Deep experience in working with stakeholders and transferring capacity at all levels.

Our projects

Have a look at some of our previous work.


Open source tool for optimising electricity access at national down to local level.

Mogadishu WATT

Energy and data hackathon in Mogadishu created with iRise Hub.

Village mapping

Mapping hundreds of villages to model off-grid solutions.

Our approach

Harnessing spatial data, machine learning and collective effort to provide actionable insight.

  • Step 1: Good data

    Consolidate a huge variety of data sources, including cutting edge open-data, your business data and bespoke oobica data. If it doesn't exist, we'll go out and create it.

  • Step 2: Analyse and visualise

    Use GIS and data science to find the answers you need, with expert reporting and visualisations to create sense from noise.

  • Step 3: Realize impact

    Work with you and your stakeholders to improve decision-making.

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